Wine Locker Program

Wine Locker Program

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Introducing our official Iris Wine Locker program! This exclusive opportunity allows for the following: 

+ One of our twelve wine lockers up front in Iris with name plate.
+ A Key for your locker
+ The ability to store up to a case of wine at a time in each locker at well below menu price
+ Four exclusive wine and cocktail events a year with presentations from reps that are free to them and their guests (taste exclusive wines and purchase them for your lockers)
+ Waive corkage fee for one bottle every time you come in
+ People who own a locker will have the unique ability to reserve a bar table the day of at 6:30 or before
+ Be on an email list for key date reservations (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day for example)

A member from our beverage program will reach out to you personally after Christmas with next steps, and information on our January wine event (make sure you put your email and phone number in).