Creole Wild Game Cooking Program

We are proud to announce our “Creole Wild Game Cooking Program”. You bring us your game, and we send you home with delicious meals made from them! All products will be made from your animals and your animals only. Gumbos, stews, and braises will start with stock made from your animals. Hunting clubs that want to do one large bulk order, please contact us directly about bulk pricing. All cooking will be done in our remote catering kitchen and will never be mixed with our everyday ingredients. All packaging will be in vacuum sealed bags ready for the freezer, easy to thaw and portion.


Duck/Geese/Wild Turkey:

*Birds need to be feathered and gutted but otherwise the body left intact, if they are already breasted out and frozen that is ok too

Duck/Goose/Wild Turkey and Andouille Gumbo: $13 per quart

Duck/Goose/Wild Turkey and Jalapeño popper dip: $12 per pint

Duck/Goose/Wild Turkey boudin (loose): $7 per pound



*Negative (CWD) results required

*Venison must be deboned and skinned

Creole marinated venison steaks: $6 per pound

Creole marinated steaks stuffed with boudin: $12 per pound

Venison grillades: $13 per quart

Venison and Andouille Jambalaya: $13 per quart


Rabbit and Squirrel:

*Must be skinned and gutted

Sauce Piquant: $13 per quart

Smothered stew with wild mushrooms: $13 per quart



Everything vacuumed sealed in lot portions.

Bring own cooler to leave with us, clearly labeled. 

Your order will be ready in about 8 days and we will notify you when your order

is ready for pick up.

 We start accepting orders on Saturday January 9th. Call 901 504-8400 for an appointment to bring in your product and meet with Kelly.

Appointments will be scheduled Tuesday thru Saturday 12:00 until 6:00 pm.